About the event Katapult Future Fest:

Where and when will KFF take place?

  • Venue: SALT
  • Address: Langkaia 1, 0150 Oslo
  • Dates: 18.05.22 - 20.05.22
  • Link to the venue: Link

What is KFF?

  • Katapult Future Fest is a non-profit festival focusing on how transformative technologies and impact investing can be used to create a better future society for all. For 2022 and for years to come, we have chosen the tag-line: “The Future Is ______”… it’s up to us to co-create a new narrative and a positive future for all.
  • We’ll bring together thought partners, entrepreneurs, investors, and collaborators from around the world to Norway, to drill down on our main themes, go deep, and create a fresh narrative for our shared future. Prepare to drive change and leave changed!

Why KFF?

  • We need shared experiences and belonging now more than ever. It’s time to reconnect, rebuild our relationships and activate our agency. We’re excited to gather again with Covid protocols safely in place. The time is now, the leader is you, and our future is together.

Which hotel should I book?

You can use the code FUTURE22 to get a 15% discount at any of the three hotels below. All are within walking distance to the venue.

Clarion hotel The Hub

  • Address: Biskop Gunnerus gate 3, 0106 Oslo, Norge
  • Website: LINK

Clarion Oslo Hotel

  • Address: Dronning Eufemias gate 15, 0191 Oslo, Norge
  • Website: LINK

Comfort Børsparken Hotel

  • Address: Tollbugata 4, 0152 Oslo, Norge
  • Website: LINK

Alternatively, you can opt for a more sustainable form of accommodation and homeshare with Human Hotel!

  • Meet and connect with new people by staying with a host in a private home, either in a separate room or an entire home. See website for options and availability.
  • Website: LINK

How is the weather in Oslo in May?

Weather shifts quickly in Norway, so be prepared for both rain and sun.

Temperatures range on the cooler side.

  • 14 degrees at daytime, and 5 degrees at night. 
  • But it’s Norway we are talking about, so if the sun is out, you might feel 10 degrees warmer while basking in it!
  • You can check the weather here: LINK

Clothes to pack:

  • A spring jacket that can keep you warm and dry. 
  • Summer clothes as well as long jeans and layers. 
  • Your finest suit or dress if you want to join the 17th of May, Norway’s National Day! (More about this in the Oslo Guide you will receive in May).

How do I get around in Oslo?

You can buy travel tickets at stores like 7-Eleven, Narvesen and at the subways or train station. You will find this right away when you arrive with the airport express. This way you can easily get all around Oslo with buses, subways and trams. You can buy different types of tickets:

Travel tickets / “Ruter” app

  • Single ticket (lasts for one hour)
  • 24-hour ticket
  • 7-days ticket
  • Download the app “Ruter” on your phone, and fill in the address you are going to. The app will show you where to go and what bus/ subway/ tram to take.

Investor day & Investor dinner:

Investor Day will be on May 18th, for those who are attending - also at SALT.

The Investors & Speakers dinner will be the same evening at 7:30pm, location TBC. This dinner is only for the people with an investor badge.

Community Dinners:

On the evening of the 19th, dinners will be hosted by Katapult community members in small groups throughout Oslo - at restaurants, venues, or private homes. You will be matched with a group from the focus and interests you provided at ticket registration. These dinners allow guests to delve into the themes in greater depth and form lasting relationships, and are for many the most intimate part of KFF.